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5 reasons to trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are popular and volatile assets that are now established as a mainstream asset class like Forex and Commodity trading. Bitcoin is the most liquid and recognised cryptocurrency and has the potential of becoming a new global currency.

Trading Cryptocurrencies using CFDs

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that exist electronically and can be traded like any other asset. The easiest way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies is by speculating on the price through derivatives like CFDs. You won't need a digital wallet or cryptocurrency exchange, but you can use a normal Tradiso trading account to access the most popular cryptocurrency markets, such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin trading has little history like commodity or currency trading, but the same principles apply when you start: You are speculating on the price movements of Bitcoin in either direction, using your knowledge and expertise.

By trading with Tradiso and using CFDs, you don't take ownership of the underlying coins, which means you don't need to store any tokens.

5 Reasons to trade Cryptocurrency CFDs with Tradiso

1. Costs

We access multiple liquidity providers and external pricing sources, which means our spreads are always competitive. Our suite of costs allows you to actively trade any cryptocurrencies, no matter what timeframe you use, and they can be especially cost effective for higher frequency traders.

2. Technology

Enjoy automated, one-click dealing on all of our platforms. You can monitor, analyse and manage your positions in cryptocurrency markets through Tradiso's industry-leading MT4, MT5 and DTPro trading platforms. These deliver seamless trading with fast execution speeds.

3. Customer support

Multilingual, round the clock support is crucial for traders who want to focus on cryptocurrency markets. Tradiso gives you the knowledge and expertise of industry-leading research analysts who can make sense of volatility and the wider market news. Free educational resources including webinars and trading guides round up our comprehensive award-winning support package. Keep on top of market movements with our Bitcoin news and analysis.

4. Regulation

Tradiso is already regulated by a strong jurisdiction and continues to expand it's regulatory licenses, showing a strong commitment towards compliance. This will also ensure a safety of funds and the protection you need, so you can concentrate on your trading and not outside influences.

5. Flexibility in approach

There is no need for an exchange account, as Tradiso offers you the best prices from external exchanges direct to the trading platform. You can go long or short across multiple coins, including crypto indices, buying and selling as the price rises or falls. Most importantly, our full range of risk management tools can safeguard your capital.

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It's quick and easy to get started. Apply in minutes with our simple application process.

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